August 2010
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I Like
delicous soy products
The Unicorns
Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the broodwich
Lucian Freud
Alexander Mcqueen
inexplicable crushes
Derek Kim
Steve Carrell
p-owning n00bs
A Silver Mt. Zion

Be honest, be afraid, only you can judge yourself

This asshole tripped me less than 50 feet away from my building and tried to take my stuff. I'm aight this is my first confrontation basically ever in the city which is very very suprising.

Anyway I finally finished the painting i've been working on for over a month because i'm a lazy fool . go look at it it only takes like 10 seconds.
Tomorrow me and miranda are gunna go to the underpass at islais creek and take pictures...i hope we're safe.

In Human sexuality we watched a movie about the female reproductive system, it was really beautiful, a pregnant woman's amniotic fluid has the same concentration of salt in it as the ocean does. the brushing of fallopian tubes even looked like some slow moving graceful sea plant. 

To summerize everything that is made private lately; I've had a fuck buddy with a really nice penis and great eyes for two weeks now, i hate school, i like like brando he loves neon even more than i do, i've skinned my knees in the same place about 4 times now, i have second degree burns on my left arm, and i feel more and more like holden caulfield everyday.


Gorgeous painting!

thanks d00d

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